This Lucky Sonoffabeatch

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Aug 242019

This lucky sonoffabeatch is in a threesome with his girlfriend’s mom and her mom, yes aka her grandmother.

Let’s face it, for your girlfriend to have a hot mom and a fuckable grandmother there needs to be a combination of some seriously good looks genes and on top of that they would both have needed to have had their kids pretty young so that the grandmother isn’t just outright ancient. To then, on top of that, have the occurrence of them both wanting to fuck you, at the same time and it actually happening, well that’s just too good to be true.

Which of course is exactly the case here, it’s scripted, faked… like you didn’t already know that. That said, so is all reality porn by everyone else… like you didn’t know that. Since we already know that, why are we watching it anyways? Because it is fun!

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From Your Eyes Only

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Mar 062018

Boom bitch! Check out this extra big discount of 15% off MomPOV on multiple month memberships.

There’s a 15% saving opportunity on a lifetime deal. Meaning that, for as long as you renew your membership month to month it will never increase. That’s right, it’s discounted and the special rate you receive now stays the same for the rest of your life.

What you get for your dollars over and above this amazing deal is first person perspective porn, aka point of view (PoV).

The camerawork is done in such a style that it places you in the position of the male actor so that you are essentially seeing it as he sees it. This adds a surprisingly big element to ease of immersion.

With much less imagination required, you can become a part of the scene in your own fantasy… without having to stare at the pimples on his ugly man-ass. Sorry ladies.