Sep 092012

babe abigale

Now we all have to do Laundry it’s just part of life, but after seeing this mature girl called Abigale doing her weekly washing you’ll never look at it the same again. This sweet babe stands by the washing machine and puts a load of washing on, but it suddenly dawns on her that the clothes she’s wearing are dirty as well, so what’s this mature babe supposed to do? Well that’s easy she just needs to take the clothing that she’s wearing off and wash it, sure it means getting totally naked but for this brunette babe that’s not a problem at all. So Abigale starts getting naked now, she pulls her blue shorts to the side and then flashes her pussy in the process, she then bends over and pulls her pants down and before long she’s naked. Now she needs to find something to do while the washing is on, but I’m sure that mature pussy of hers isn’t going to miss out on some action from this babe. She leans on the wall and opens her legs up, sliding her pussy lips open this cheeky babe is going to masturbate while she watches her washing getting done, hows that for hot!

babe abigale shaved pussy

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